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Behavioral Health Urgent Care 

What Happens When You Come to Us for Treatment?

Upon arrival, you will complete the behavioral health urgent care check-in with our receptionist.

Next, our medical assistant will bring you to one of our clinic rooms and do a quick check to make sure that you are physically stable.

  • You will be referred to the nearest emergency room if we find that you are in need of immediate treatment for physical concerns (such as risk of stroke, substance detoxification, etc.)


A therapist will then come in to speak with you about what brought you in, your therapeutic history, and any other concerns you may have about your wellbeing.

  • This might include questions about food and housing stability, primary care, and transportation barriers.

  • Based on these discussions, we will provide options for continued care, including finding the best agency to meet your needs, figuring out ideal appointment times, and offering community referrals.


If applicable, you’ll be able to speak with a psychiatric provider during your visit about medication options and work together to create a plan that meets your individual needs.

  • This may include starting a new medication, changing current medications, or refilling mental health medications you have been taking to ensure you do not run out before your next scheduled appointment.

  • We are able to write prescriptions that day, so you can go straight from your visit to your pharmacy to pick up needed medications.

  • We also take into consideration the cost of the medications and will work with you closely to find the most affordable pharmacy option for your needs.


At the end of the visit, you will be given a summary of your upcoming appointments with the behavioral health urgent care and other providers. We will review the appointments and locations of ongoing providers to ensure there are no barriers to you attending any follow-up care appointments.

  • These appointments and referrals will be tailored to fit the specific needs you have expressed during the visit. They may include: 

Appointments for ongoing therapy or medication management services

Appointments for primary or specialty physical care

Appointments or information about obtaining housing

Referrals to agencies that can provide food, clothing, low-cost goods, or other in-kind resources

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