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Behavioral Health Urgent Care 

  • Who does the behavioral health urgent care serve?
    We serve individuals 4 years old and older who are uninsured or have Alliance Medicaid, who reside in Durham, Wake, Cumberland, or Johnson Counties, and who are having a mental health crisis or a substance use problem. If you still have questions, our eligibility requirements page will provide more answers.
  • When should I go to the behavioral health urgent care?
    This service is designed to meet the needs of individuals who: Are experiencing a mental health crisis that can be resolved through a brief intervention. Have an urgent mental health need that must be met in order to prevent a crisis or visit to the emergency room. May be currently engaged with a service provider, but the provider is not immediately available to address the urgent situation. May need to initiate or re-engage in mental health services.
  • Why choose the behavioral health urgent care?
    It is a same-day service that is an effective, faster alternative to the emergency room. It is specifically tailored to address mental health needs. It provides connection to ongoing therapeutic and psychiatric care. It provides referrals to community resources.
  • What is the cost of treatment?
    If you are uninsured or have Medicaid and reside in Durham, Wake, Cumberland, or Johnson Counties, our services are 100% covered. There is no out-of-pocket fee required. If you reside in another county and/or have private insurance, there is a $440.00 fee for a full visit, which is often much lower than many emergency room co-pays. Please see the eligibility page for details.
  • Do I need a referral to be seen?
    No. We operate on a walk-in basis and there is no need for a referral or appointment. For more information about accessing our services, please call 919-251-9009.
  • How long does a visit last?
    A typical to the behavioral health urgent care usually lasts around two hours.
  • What should I bring with me?
    Please bring the following with you, if you have them: Picture ID Medicaid Card Prescription bottles If you are under the age of 18, you must have your legal guardian with you. If a legal guardian is not present, verbal consent by phone must be given for an underage individual and the guardian must then be able to fax or email over a signed consent form, which will be coordinated with our receptionist.
  • Are you located on a bus line?
    The Durham DATA bus 10A stops right between our building and Foster’s Market next door. We are located at the rear entrance of Carolina Outreach in the back parking lot.
  • What if I just moved here and have active Medicaid from another state or county?
    In order to be seen in the behavioral health urgent care free of charge, you must have active Alliance Medicaid, which covers Durham, Wake, Cumberland, and Johnston counties. If you have active Medicaid from an outside county or state, you will need to pay an out-of-pocket fee of $440. Please see the eligibility page for more details.
  • My child's school is requiring that a psychiatrist provide a safety assessment. Can you help?
    Yes. We do safety assessments for schools and can provide documentation of our assessment.
  • Do you provide a full clinical assessment, neuropsychometric testing, or in-depth psychological assessments?"
    No. We provide a brief assessment as part of your behavioral health urgent care visit, however, it is not a full, comprehensive assessment that can be used to provide an official diagnosis or be used to enroll in additional services. If you are not experiencing an emergent need, but are interested in mental health services, please call the Carolina Outreach Referrals line at 1-844-866-1166 in order to schedule a comprehensive clinical assessment.
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